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Master all your eCommerce platforms with one powerful BI Mobile app

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Put everything in one place, effortlessly

Bring all your commerce data into one centralized view

Upload your CSV transactions from your ecommerce platforms, PDF Invoices from your B2B Partners, POS data from your offline channels, and order emails from your Shopify store.

Then sit back, and relax: Konigle takes your data in its raw form and intelligently organizes it into one simple mobile view. Never worry about losing business visibility when growing your business again.

We've integrated over 80 different data formats and platforms, so we're confident we can make your data work too!

Lazada, Shopee, etc.
Shopify, Wordpress, etc.
Quickbooks, Xero, etc.
PDFs, CSVs, Emails, etc.
Automate the boring stuff

Important Insights you should know are automated for you

Understanding your business shouldn't be hindered by complicated software, that needs constant management and customization.

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Don't just take our word for it

How companies have changed after Konigle

“This is the first solution I’ve found that works with both my legacy systems and new software platforms. Compared to the people I had to hire to do the same job, Konigle is a steal."
Organic Products Wholesaler
“Before, I could only track 30% of my sales because of how messy my data was. I can see all my sales now, and I don't have to worry about losing track whenever I join a new eCommerce platform,”
Online Electronics Seller
“I’ve always struggled to convince my team of new software changes. Konigle removed a lot of that friction for me to get that business visibility I needed without affecting my business operations.”
Omnichannel Bags Distributor
Unbelievably simple

No complicated setup, one simple monthly fee

We don't charge additional fees for:
  • Changes in data formats
  • Cleaning unstructured or dirty data
  • Managing multiple currencies
Set up Konigle in Days, not Months.
Get Measuring and Growing

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