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Konigle makes decision making simple and powerful

Process all Sales Invoice Data into one Dashboard

Without changing the way you already work
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Monitor KPI metrics, trends and analytics

Without constantly managing and configuring reports

Deepen insight into your business

Through automatic enrichment of your raw sales data
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Do all of this anytime, anywhere from your mobile phone

24/7, convenient access to business visibility and management

Use sales data to coach your business to excellence

Konigle is like a fitness tracker for your entire organization

Set up and track goals for revenue, average basket size, and many other KPIs. Never lose focus on your business targets again.

Drill down to revenue goals for specific channels and sales people

Set goals for Individual sellers, whose numbers contribute back to overall sales. Both managers and sellers can monitor their performance through their respective accounts. Works for influencers, promoters, and affiliates and more.

No need for users to update sales data manually

Konigle automatically records sales performance of each sales person through invoice data. Spend less time updating numbers, and more time selling.

Track all aspects of business performance

Discover growth opportunities through insights and alerts on Key KPIs
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“This is the first solution I’ve found that works with both my legacy systems and new software platforms. Compared to the people I had to hire to do the same job, Konigle is a steal."
- Online Omnichannel Distributor
“Before, I could only track 30% of my sales because of how messy my data was. I can see all my sales now, and I don't have to worry about losing track whenever I join a new eCommerce platform,”
- Online Electronics Seller
“I’ve always struggled to convince my team of new software changes. Konigle removed a lot of that friction for me to get that business visibility I needed without affecting my business operations.”
- Omnichannel Bags Distributor

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