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Sales People Performance Tracker

Set goals and track performance for your sales people, affiliates, influencers and more. Get everyone on the same page, and empower your sellers with data insights.
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Use data to Coach your sellers to Excellence

Track more than just revenue numbers

Set multiple KPI goals for each sales person. These can be configured to combine into larger revenue goals for the business.

Personalized analytics for each sales person

Each personalized profile contains alerts, and analytics specific to their goals. Business owners or managers can view across sales people to assess progress throughout the organization. Everyone sees useful insights and stays aligned to a single source of data.

Stay on track with progress alerts

Automatic alerts are pushed for insights discovered in sales performance, goal progress and more. Day-on-day changes are recorded automatically as invoice data flows into the business. No manual input of numbers required.

Spend less time in data entry, and more time making sales

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