Free Website Monitoring

Get automatic alerts if your online store is down or too slow to load

We send email alerts if

1. If your online store is down
2. If your website takes > 3 seconds to load
3. If there are any errors on your page

Don't lose sales because your online store is down or slow to load


Why track if your online store is down or too slow to load ?

A 1 second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. According to studies by Google and others, the ideal loading time for a user to not abandon your website is under 3 seconds.

How often you check my online store ?

We check your online store 4 times a day or more. If we find that your store is down, we alert you over email and keep checking your store every half an hour until it is up again.

Would you alert for errors on my store ?

We also alert for basic errors on your page such as incorrect tags, script errors etc

What is Konigle ?

The best way to manage e-commerce orders, control inventory and improve profits. From an order to money in the bank, track, action and profit, right from Konigle. Collaborate with team mates, co-ordinate shipping and follow up on payments, all while having useful insights to improve your profitability.

How can I start using Konigle?

Just login to Konigle with your email, that you are getting your alerts on or reach out to us at Help and we'll get you started.