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The best way to manage e-commerce orders, control inventory and improve profits.


Competitor Tracking

Say goodbye to spreadsheet work and checking competitor sites manually. Konigle automatically alerts you when competitors change prices. Simply connect your e-commerce software like Shopify in a few clicks to get started.

Say hello to smart pricing suggestions that maximise profit by automatically analysing your previous sales and promotions data.

Learn how you can use Konigle to track competitors with ease.
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Bulk Re-pricing

Re-price hundreds of products in just a few taps. Set prices suggested by Konigle which helps you increase profit margins on the fly. Konigle supports multi currencies and even alerts you on unprofitable, poorly-priced products.

Take control of wholesale pricing and compare at price settings for Shopify with ease.

Learn more how Konigle can help you re-price 1000's of products from your phone.
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Run Profitable Promotions

Konigle helps you identify gaps in past promotion performance and monitor ongoing ones for opportunities to increase your gross profit.

Generate reports in minutes without requiring technical expertise. Never lose sight on opportunities or errors that will reduce the impact of your promotions.

Deep Analytics
RoI Calculations
Automatic Alerts
No code required
Getting Timely Alerts, Staying on track on your business. Having a peace of mind.

Inventory Tracking

Pilot a lightweight inventory tracking system built for omnichannel businesses. Automatically track inventory and get intelligent alerts that help you prevent dead inventory and profit losses.

Sellers and affiliates can use Konigle to take orders manually, record returns, and set expiry dates. Konigle automatically syncs your offline and online sales.

lightweight inventory tracking system

Product Cataloging

Manage your product catalog across multiple platforms or marketplaces through first class API integrations. View all your products' listings virtually anywhere in just a few clicks.

Craft winning sales channel strategies with Konigle's deep insights on product's sales, competitor prices, inventory status and dynamic price suggestions.

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Affiliate Analytics and Reporting

Empower your affiliates with actionable analytics and alerts that grow their sales. Set goals, calculate commissions, and groom the unique strengths of each affiliate.

All affiliates get a unique Konigle Login that gives them data-driven alerts and reports into their performance, and revenue goals, and sales history.

Getting Timely Alerts, Staying on track on your business. Having a peace of mind.

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Up to 21% increase in profits, 5x ROI

Our process has helped businesses increase profits by 3-21% for the same number of orders. Combined with the time saved from automating tasks, this is a minimum 5x ROI return on your investment.


Free: As long as your monthly revenue is under USD 99

0.3% of your Revenue: for monthly revenue USD 99 and above

Eg, if your monthly revenue is USD 10,000 you pay 30USD each month.