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Software that finds opportunities to increase your gross profit

Stop feeling helpless to unlock profits in your business. Expand your pricing capabilities, fix unprofitable promotions, reward the right customers & unlock the growth potential of your products.
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Pricing products well is the biggest driver of profits, but it's difficult to do

A good pricing strategy takes into account your competitor’s products, past sales history and previously run promotions. But you’ve tried this with messy spreadsheets or complex analytics tools, and they just don’t work.

You need a clear view of how your business is performing, and automate routine tasks so that you can execute a good strategy and still focus your time on things that matter. 

You need to know where your business stands 100% of the time, so that you always have the data to back up the critical decisions you make each day.

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Expand your pricing capabilities, Unlock the growth potential of your products

With a 1-click integration with Shopify, you can use past sales data, promotions data, and data from your competitors to intelligently find the best prices for your products.

We then analyze the sales results and continuously optimize your prices again. All of this is completely automated within the Konigle app.

Our process has helped businesses increase profits by 3-21% for the same number of sales transactions. Combined with the time saved from automating tasks, this is a minimum 4x ROI return on your investment!

Konigle gives you clear business visibility on the heartbeat of your business

Integrate sales data from all your stores: eCommerce websites, ERPs, POS systems, PDFs, Excel sheets and more! With Konigle, you'll be able to understand the true performance of your products across all stores within minutes.

Konigle combines data from multiple aspects of your business to uncover hidden profits

  • Sales History
  • Stores
  • Promotions
  • Products
  • Competitors
  • Inventory



Up to 100 SKUs


Up to 500 SKUs

Up to 1,000 SKUs
Up to 2,500 SKUs

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