Increase your gross profit now

Stop feeling helpless to unlock profits in your business. Expand your pricing capabilities, fix unprofitable promotions, understand your customers better & unlock the growth potential of your products.


Pricing products well is the biggest driver of profits, but it is difficult

A good pricing strategy takes into account your competitor's products, past sales history and previously run promotions. But you have tried this with messy spreadsheets or complex analytics tools, and they just don't work

Bring all your data together & discover the best price

Say goodbye to spreadsheet work and manual competitor site checking, and simply connect your ecommerce software like Shopify in a few clicks. Konigle then helps you automatically analyse competitors, previous sales and promotions to help you set the most profitable prices.

Stronger pricing choices, saving hours of manual effort

Analyses competitors, previous sales and promotion performance to set the most profitable prices. Konigle helps you make stronger pricing choices.

Profitable promotions can feel like a shot in the dark, as analyzing them is complicated.

Automating manual pricing tasks. Konigle saves you many hours of effort, and helps you work faster.
Higher sales does not always mean higher profits. You’ve tried evaluating what campaigns worked and what did not, but many tools out there are either too simple or too complicated for your needs.

Diagnose, plan, and address your growth opportunities

Konigle helps create meaningful analytics that are focused on identifying gaps in promotion performance, and monitor ongoing ones for opportunities to improve. Generate reports in minutes without requiring technical expertise. Never lose sight on opportunities or errors that will reduce the impact of your promotions.

Meaningful analytics,no coding needed

Making your customers happy is crucial , but they are hard to track and optimize for

Demand is seasonal, and customers value products differently . You’ve found that balancing profit and customer satisfaction becomes a real challenge.

Understand customer purchasing preferences and habits with ease

Konigle lets you view each customer’s purchase history to you at a glance, and receive alerts on multiple customers with similar purchasing behaviour. Segmenting and personalizing your efforts towards customers become a breeze.

Personalised pricing for each customer segment

Getting Timely Alerts, Staying on track on your business. Having a peace of mind.

Up to 21% increase in profits, 5x ROI

Our process has helped businesses increase profits by 3-21% for the same number of orders. Combined with the time saved from automating tasks, this is a minimum 5x ROI return on your investment.

Pay as you go pricing

As long as your monthly revenue is under USD 250, you can use Konigle free forever, for revenue greater than USD 250/month, we charge 0.3% of your revenue.

Eg, If your monthly revenue is USD 10,000 you pay USD 30 for the month