Understand your Business

Built for the Traditional Business Owner,
Visibility and Forecasting to increase sales using AI

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Increase Your Sales Using AI

Dumping information

1. Dump in Your Financial Data

Konigle is compatible with many data sources, so you don’t have to change the way you work

Real-time insights

2. Access Real-time Insights

Konigle automatically runs analytics on your sales and cashflow, providing important findings on your business and industry


3. Strategise and Take Action

Konigle makes predictions based on your goals and provides actionable next-steps that are easy to understand

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Konigle is your data guru

Built for the business owner on-the-go

After you sync your data with Konigle, it keeps working in the background to provide you with actionable insights about your business

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Mobile phone

Real-time, Mobile First

Konigle is built for the business owner on the go. We understand that you need these insights now, in your hand, not at the end of the month

Dollar sign

Remarkably Affordable

Konigle is priced for the SME because we believe in accessibility of intelligence and quality business analytics, regardless of technical background

Data security

Data Security

Konigle runs on enterprise-grade cloud servers which protects your data, and is trusted by SMEs across industries


Our customers are now using data to take decisions that make real impact

Use data from your business to improve your decision making, improve sales by knowing what sells, where it sells and how external factors like weather, market trends impact your cashflow

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'This is the Google for my business that I sorely needed. I can finally start using my own data to make business decisions with confidence.' - Package Services Company 'We had plans to painfully develop an internal ERP, and now we've dropped them because Konigle does exactly what we needed, and does it well. I now only need an accounting solution and Konigle to run my business now.' - Manufacturing Company 'I'm finally able to start opening new stores, and I can't imagine running my business without Konigle anymore.' - F&B Retailer

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  • Bank Account Statements
  • ...and more!
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