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“I Put myself in the shoes of my staff, my customers and my advocates. If I were the customer to my own brand, how would I want to be treated? How would I like to buy products? I’d want to feel taken cared of, and that’s what my brand should do. As a business, we must add value to people’s lives. From the very first step of interacting with your brand, and you as an entrepreneur. Not just after they make a purchase. And to ensure I’m creating value for my customers, I’m tracking data at every stage of my business. From first interactions with my social media channels, feedback post purchase, to the financial metrics each month. I use many platforms to interact with my customer base, and the great thing about Konigle is that it gives me great cross-platform visibility on how my business is performing. Our world has made tons of progress on how long we as humans can live for, but we’ve just scratched the surface on how well we can live in our old age. It’s incredible working in this industry, because you’re privy to so many amazing advancements in human aging, and life expectancy. A lot is happening that will soon change our perception on what is possible in the entire human experience of life.” - Scott Larsen, Director of Le Bono Collection #nuzest #lebono #wellness #innovation #progress #value #customerexperience #biohacking #healthier #lifestyle #proaction #entrepreneur #singapore #konigle #understandyourbusiness #family #energetic #dreams #lifegoals #inspiration #businessstories #family @lebonocollection @nuzest_singapore

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